Back to Beets and School ⚠️ Toronto Delivery WEDNESDAY this week

This is my favourite time of year in the garden. There are lots of things to choose from to harvest, the summer crops are producing like crazy and fall crops are growing beautifully. Now the weeds and pests are slowing down and we don’t have to worry about frost just yet, also: it isn’t so gosh darn hot and we have lots of rain!


I checked on the corn and although they are short, I am happy to report that assuming the raccoons don’t get it, we should have some next week. There is Squash coming your way too, I like to wait for September to harvest it lest I be reminded of Winter too soon.

This week Ernest’s first day of school happens to be on Thursday. I really didn’t want him to miss his first day of grade one and we only have one vehicle, so I’m afraid that means I have to move the Toronto CSA pick-up to Wednesday for this week only. I will pre-pack the shares again this week to make it easy and will aim to be there no later than 4pm.

Sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone, if you can’t make it for a Wednesday pick-up please let me know so we can make other arrangements.

We have a second planting of Swiss Chard to harvest from this week that is looking just gorgeous and although the germination on our beets has been spotty all season I think we have enough nice ones for everyone this week. I will also be sending along the sweet Cipollini roasting onions and we have two types of potatoes this week, some big reds and, maybe my favourite, yellow fingerlings!

— Jenny

This week’s Share:
🍅 Tomatoes
🟢 Beans
🥔 Potatoes
🥬 Swiss Chard
🍠 Beets
🧅 Cipollini Onions
🌶️ Peppers (some sweet, some Shishito)
🍆 Eggplant, Cucumber or Zucchini (depending on availability)
🥗 Salad Mix
🌿 Basil