When Life Gives You Drought, Make Salsa 🔥

garden visitors - When Life Gives You Drought, Make Salsa 🔥


Well thank goodness that the humidity broke, but what happened to the rain?! I think I can say we have officially flipped over into drought territory this week.

I’m still figuring out the new irrigation system and we haven’t gotten new lines out on everything that would benefit, but I sure am thankful for those lines that we are running. At the moment our well is holding up okay, but how long that will last, and how many more lines I can add is a question I hope we don’t find the answer to!

So what do we do when the weather is hot and dry? Make salsa! If you are a CSA member, this will definitely be a good week for that so I will make sure to add some Jalapenos to the table. I like salsa of all sorts, but a fresh pico de gallo type salsa in the summer is something I just can’t get enough of. I’m pretty sure it will be delicious even without the cilantro that is refusing to grow this year!

Despite the drought, I have been enjoying the much cooler evenings and mornings and at times could be fooled into thinking it is already fall. Especially when I look across the field at the abundance of Sunflowers that are blooming early and pie pumpkins that are already turning orange. It seems like a bit of a topsy turvy growing season when I have Winter Squash ready to harvest before my Summer Squash.

That said, our second planting of Summer Squash is now making teeny tiny fruit and I am certain we will have some next week. I simply refuse to give out pumpkins until September. Spaghetti Squash on the other hand, is making a convincing case for August!

— Jenny

This Week’s Share:
🍅 Tomatoes
🫑 Peppers
🧄 Garlic
🧅 Red Onions
🔥 Fennel
🎵 Beets
🥬 Chard
🥒 Probably a few cukes, zukes or beans
🌿 Herbs: We have lots of basil right now, if you want a big bunch instead of a few sprigs just let me know!