Five Reasons to Join our CSA

Fresh Veggies are the Best Veggies

col Tomato - Five Reasons to Join Our CSA

The only other way to get vegetables this fresh is to grow them in your own garden! When you join Knuckle Down Farm’s CSA you get all the healthy, tasty goodness of a home garden without any of the hard work. Veggies are harvested the day you pick them up.

Supporting Local Builds Healthy Communities


When you join Knuckle Down Farm’s CSA not only are you helping a local farmer thrive, you also get to know the people who grow your food, meet neighbours and keep money right in your community!

It’s Good for the Environment


One of the goals of our farm is to grow food that is healthy for you while also nourishing our soil and making space for all of the creatures that share this farm with us. From planting pollinator species to minimizing soil and other habitat disturbance we follow organic and regenerative principles both in the veggie garden and on the broader farm.

It lowers your Carbon Footprint Too!

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Much of the food that you find in the grocery store travels around the world before it lands on your plate, not to mention all of the fossil fuels used in the industrial food system. When you come pick-up your vegetables each week at our farm you know you are taking them on their very first trip.

Get Inspired in the Kitchen

Small Lettuce

If you delight in trying new things, eating seasonally and making sure you have plenty of vegetables in your diet our CSA will make it easy. People often find that not only do they eat more veggies, but find new favourite varieties and recipes.