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Three Raddishes

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  • The Moon is halfway over the Sun and here we are halfway through the CSA Season! — Knuckle Down News, Week 10 (8/21/2017) - As we reach the halfway point, I hope that everyone is enjoying their veggies this season. Moving into the end of August there isn’t much planting left to do and with no potatoes and very little Squash here on the the farm this year, bringing in the fall crops should be a cinch. I’m hoping […]
  • Lazy Hazy August — Knuckle Down News, Week 9 (8/14/2017) - It is hot out there today. With all the doggy distraction last week, it’s hard to remember what else we have been us to. I do remember moving the big black tarps around, which is one of my least favourite jobs on the farm, the heat coming off of them is amazing and they are […]
  • Long Weekends and Surprise Visitors — Knuckle Down News, Week 8 (8/7/2017) - I hope everyone’s enjoying this September-like end to the long weekend. Not the best beach weather, but great for getting those last forgotten transplants into the garden! There was enough heat last week that the tomatoes are finally ripening in the field and there may be a few too-big zucchinis coming your way, you just […]