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  • A Farewell to Tomatoes — Knuckle Down News, Week 18 (10/16/2017) - It’s mid-October and even if we don’t get a frost tonight, it’s time to call tomato season over. For those of you who are sad to see them done, there will still be a few cherry tomatoes from the greenhouse for a while to remind you of summer. Peppers and eggplants will also make their final […]
  • Little Late Season Growth Spurt & Many Thanks — Knuckle Down News, Week 17 (10/9/2017) - Yesterday we had our Thanksgiving Feast outside for the first time I can remember. I hope you were all able to enjoy this beautiful long weekend weather as much as we did, thankful indeed. I am thankful too for all of your support.  Farming wouldn’t be half as much fun without such a great bunch […]
  • Dew, No Frost — Knuckle Down News, Week 16 (10/2/2017) - October is here and so is Fall for a few days at least! Thus far the heaviness of the morning dew seems to be keeping the frost at bay, so if the forecast can be trusted, it looks like we’ll have another few weeks of summery vegetables mixed in with the more traditional Fall crops. […]