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Three Raddishes

Recent News

  • Spring has Sprung a New Little Farmer (5/12/2018) - Before reminding everyone that there are still CSA shares available, let me introduce you to Knuckle Down Farm’s newest family member! Maxwell James was born at home on April 21st in the wee hours of the morning. With him came the warm weather, which I am choosing to see as a sign he’ll be a […]
  • “Spring” Update (4/12/2018) - As we wait for baby number two to arrive, Spring too seems to be taking its time. A blessing in disguise perhaps, with all my planting dates pushed back for the season, this slow cold Spring is allowing me to relax and feel thankful that I am not trying to keep a greenhouse full of […]
  • 2018 CSA Shares — Slightly Different and Available Now (2/18/2018) - Indoors beside the wood stove with the sun shining through the window, it’s almost possible to forget the frigid temperatures for a moment. I hope all of you have found cozy corners to stay warm this winter and hibernated just a little through the cold snaps. The days now begin to get long enough to […]