Earnestly growing organic vegetables to delight the palate, nourish the soil,
and cultivate a strong local food community.


Three Raddishes

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  • August Showers Bring a Great Big Sigh of Relief (8/3/2020) - We finally got rain! In fact we got 30mm of rain in two days, more than we got in all of July and it looks like there might be more on the way. The garden looks happier already. This week we will begin to get the final fall crops into the ground and plan for […]
  • Toronto delivery this week + I promise not to talk about The Weather (7/27/2020) - Hello everyone, Hurray for Solanaceae! It is almost August and these heat loving crops are beginning to come rolling in: Eggplant, Tomatoes, soon Peppers, and this week new Potatoes! Something to celebrate while we overt out gaze from the hardened clay soil. Toronto members and followers, I will be doing a delivery into the city […]
  • A little rain is better than no rain! (7/20/2020) - This week I’m happy to report that we’re just a little less dry and a little less hot. The vegetables and farmers feel a bit of relief, and with a few more rains like that we will be singing a happy tune. We were able to finish trellising and pruning all of our tomatoes last […]