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Three Raddishes

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  • On-Farm Week Two: Tomatoesign, Approaching Garlic, Help, & Heat (7/9/2018) - Exciting news, the first red tomato has been spotted! We will be spending lots of time pruning and trellising tomatoes this week.  With all the heat they’re growing like crazy. The garlic is already looking ready to harvest too, so that big job is coming up a little early this season.  It will be a […]
  • On-Farm CSA week 1: Beet the heat and Scape into bbq season! (7/2/2018) - Perhaps I’ve had too much sun, but I just couldn’t resist the puns today. Welcome to the first farm pick-up day for 2018, it is going to be a scorcher, but I look forward to seeing everyone!  The first city pick-up will be in a few weeks. The pick-up is between 3 and 6pm at […]
  • Rye Comments and June Updates (6/5/2018) - Here we are in June already!  Among everything else, this means that any outstanding payments are due ASAP, if you please. There are also still a handful of shares available for anyone who’s still hoping to join for the Season, but please do let me know soon. Things have been busy around here, with a […]