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Three Raddishes

Recent News

  • Marching toward delicious Veggies (3/1/2019)- Welcome to our newest members and thank you for joining us! It’s always nice to see some new faces. Thanks also to everyone who has signed up early. There are still a few weeks to go ’till Spring officially begins, but one quarter of our shares are already sold, hurray!¬†Maybe we can reach the halfway […]
  • A Winter Update and Official Opening of 2019 CSA Registration (2/7/2019)- As we plow through February and the days begin to get just a little bit longer and the sun a little more powerful, my desire to hibernate becomes a little less overwhelming. That’s how I know it will be time for Spring planting in no time.  Winter is the time for planning on the farm […]
  • Final Pick-Up for 2018! (10/15/2018)- [This is a Farm Pick Up Only.¬† Toronto Pick Ups are Already Done!] The cold front that’s blowing in is making it easier to embrace the end of the CSA season this year. As soon as the harvesting is done I’ll be scrambling to get our garlic planted for next season, do some greenhouse repairs, […]