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“Spring” Update

As we wait for baby number two to arrive, Spring too seems to be taking its time. A blessing in disguise perhaps, with all my planting dates pushed back for the season, this slow cold Spring is allowing me to relax and feel thankful that I am not trying to keep a greenhouse full of […]

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2018 CSA Shares — Slightly Different and Available Now

Indoors beside the wood stove with the sun shining through the window, it’s almost possible to forget the frigid temperatures for a moment. I hope all of you have found cozy corners to stay warm this winter and hibernated just a little through the cold snaps. The days now begin to get long enough to […]

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Happy Trails ’till Next Season — Knuckle Down News, Week 20

It seems like we’ve come full circle this season form a too wet Spring to a flooded fall. Thankfully I took a few hours on warm Saturday morning, before the rains came, to dig out most of the root crops for this week. Onions and Squash are already stored and dry, so I shouldn’t have […]

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Penultimate Veggies of the Season — Knuckle Down News, Week 19

The beautiful weather gave us the perfect opportunity for garlic planting this weekend. Although I was woefully behind with getting the beds ready, Lauren and Nate, garden helpers-extraordinaire, arrived and not only got all 2,000 cloves in the ground, but helped clear rotting tomato plants, split the garlic, and provide occasional mechanical support. Thanks to […]

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A Farewell to Tomatoes — Knuckle Down News, Week 18

It’s mid-October and even if we don’t get a frost tonight, it’s time to call tomato season over. For those of you who are sad to see them done, there will still be a few cherry tomatoes from the greenhouse for a while to remind you of summer. Peppers and eggplants will also make their final […]

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Little Late Season Growth Spurt & Many Thanks — Knuckle Down News, Week 17

Yesterday we had our Thanksgiving Feast outside for the first time I can remember. I hope you were all able to enjoy this beautiful long weekend weather as much as we did, thankful indeed. I am thankful too for all of your support.  Farming wouldn’t be half as much fun without such a great bunch […]

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