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Who Turnip the Heat? — Knuckle Down News, Week 14

These hot September afternoons urge me to snooze in the Hammock rather than head back to the garden after lunch. Nevertheless, there are still things to be done and slowly, slowly I will get to (most) of them! The onions are replacing the garlic on the curing shelves, a cover crop of oats and soon […]

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Sunny September Sunflowers and Squash — Knuckle Down News, Week 13

This week we are making the switch from summer squash to winter squash! There might still be a few zucchini’s her and there, but they plants have mostly succumbed to the cool wet weather. As you may remember, this year the bulk of the squash is being grown by our friends over at Eva Mae […]

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Cold Nights and Guest Potatoes — Knuckle Down news, Week 12

September has arrived and boy did it arrive with cold snap. A low of 4ºC on Friday night had me scrambling about looking for frost covers for all of those sensitive crops that we can usually expect to harvest for another six weeks! Thankfully, although the temperature did dip dramatically there is very little evidence […]

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Surprise Turnips! — Knuckle Down News, Week 11

Even though I’m out in the garden every day, every now and then something seems to appear out of nowhere. That was the case last week as I was harvesting a little salad mix and suddenly spotted the white turnips in the next bed over suddenly the size of tennis balls! I could have sworn […]

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The Moon is halfway over the Sun and here we are halfway through the CSA Season! — Knuckle Down News, Week 10

As we reach the halfway point, I hope that everyone is enjoying their veggies this season. Moving into the end of August there isn’t much planting left to do and with no potatoes and very little Squash here on the the farm this year, bringing in the fall crops should be a cinch. I’m hoping […]

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Lazy Hazy August — Knuckle Down News, Week 9

It is hot out there today. With all the doggy distraction last week, it’s hard to remember what else we have been us to. I do remember moving the big black tarps around, which is one of my least favourite jobs on the farm, the heat coming off of them is amazing and they are […]

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