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Rain But Not Here

I hope some of you are soaking in a nice cool lake right now, or floating down a river in a canoe or at least enjoying something cold on a patio. This weather is ridiculous! On the farm, much of our time has been spent just trying to keep the garden watered as the promised […]

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Almost August Beans and Tomatoes

July is a time for catching up on the weeding and any fall seeding that still needs to be done and August is when the garden begins to fill up and harvests are plentiful! Well, I’m not sure all of the weeding will be done by tomorrow, but most of the fall seeding will be […]

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It is raining zucchini!

We finally got some rain! Not much, but enough to allow the garden and I to breath a sigh of relief. Hopefully, with an entire week of possible thunderstorms in the forecast we’ll get a little more and everything will grow grow grow (I’m looking at you carrots). The summer squash responded quickly, so there […]

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First Toronto Pick-Up this Thursday, July 19th!

Welcome Toronto members to Knuckle Down Farm’s CSA for 2018. The first pick-up is this week, hurray! Unfortunately I’ll be stuck at the Market and Emma is out of town, so I will describe how the pick-up works as best I can for new members. If you’re confused, please call or text me (647 928-5253) […]

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On-Farm Week 3: Waiting for Rain

It’s raining somewhere in the neighbourhood this afternoon, but not here at the time I ‘m writing this.  Hopefully by the time you read it that’ll have changed as the garden could really use a good drink. As we wait, we’ve started the Great Garlic Harvest (one third out of the field so far!). They […]

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On-Farm Week Two: Tomatoesign, Approaching Garlic, Help, & Heat

Exciting news, the first red tomato has been spotted! We will be spending lots of time pruning and trellising tomatoes this week.  With all the heat they’re growing like crazy. The garlic is already looking ready to harvest too, so that big job is coming up a little early this season.  It will be a […]

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