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T’was the Night Before Kindergarten…

Here at the farm we’re stumbling into September on yet another heat wave. Today we decided to take a mini vacation by going for a stroll around Ernest’s new school’s “learning forest” I can hardly believe my little munchkin starts school tomorrow! There were also promises of ice cream, so I better make this news […]

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The Mighty Nightshades

Did you know that Tomatoes, Eggplants, Peppers and Potatoes are all members of the same plant family? Some people call them nightshades, farmers usually call them Solanaceae and most people call them delicious. They will all be making an appearance in your share this week! This is also the last week of summer holidays for […]

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Dog Daze of Summer

What a hot and hazy daze of a summer we are having here at Knuckle Down. Each week rolls into the next in a bit of a blur for me this year, perhaps it is the heat or baby brain, or lack of adequate hydration or maybe this is just how summer goes! This past […]

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Mantis Madness

I guess this is the time of year when the Praying Mantis reaches maturity because we have been seeing them all over the farm! Munching on pests, guarding the garlic, keeping an eye on the cucumbers. I can’t ever get over what cool little creatures they are and I always love spotting them in the […]

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Rain But Not Here

I hope some of you are soaking in a nice cool lake right now, or floating down a river in a canoe or at least enjoying something cold on a patio. This weather is ridiculous! On the farm, much of our time has been spent just trying to keep the garden watered as the promised […]

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Almost August Beans and Tomatoes

July is a time for catching up on the weeding and any fall seeding that still needs to be done and August is when the garden begins to fill up and harvests are plentiful! Well, I’m not sure all of the weeding will be done by tomorrow, but most of the fall seeding will be […]

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