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Autumn leaves and purple sweet potatoes — Knuckle Down News, Week 14

The forecast is telling me that tomorrow will be hot as July, but it sure looks like October on the farm today. In preparation for the possibility of frost any day now, this past weekend I began the big squash haul. Although we didn’t get the beautiful crop of delicata or acorn squash I was […]

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Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Fall has arrived, but what a lovely last weekend of Summer it was. I am happy to see that the last week of September is also forecast to be beautiful so no fear of frost just yet. Despite the heat, the flea beetles that have been terrorizing our brassicas have mostly packed it in for […]

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What do you love to eat in the fall? — Knuckle Down News, Week 12

It is a beautiful sunny day today and after some good rains, the soil is finally loose enough that I can get some of the overgrown weeds pulled! Too bad they have already gone to seed. I’m glad I don’t know how many seeds drop each time I try to remove a mature lambsquarter or […]

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Summer to Fall to Summer Again

Hello everyone, We have reached the halfway point in our CSA for 2019! The cold snap we’ve been having has slowed down some of our summer crops, but hopefully the rain will bring those fall greens in soon. In the meantime, although it feels like fall today, it looks like there will be a little […]

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Celebrating September with Squash — Knuckle Down News, Week 10

Happy Labour Day everyone! I am taking the day off today to celebrate Ernest’s last day of summer holidays, so no news this week, but here is what I hope to harvest for you:   This week’s veggies: Fresh Onions Tomatoes Cherry tomatoes Squash Peppers Greens (maybe a mixture) Edamame or green beans Beets or […]

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From August to Autumn — Knuckle Down News, Week 9

We were off the farm at a lovely wedding near Ottawa this past weekend and I must say the evening air felt positively Autumnal. Sure enough, I returned to the farm to find lots of lovely winter squash beginning to turn a tell tale Orange! There is still a hot summer sun out today though […]

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