Kale Chips
You can do these in the oven at 300 for about 5-10 minutes, but its hard not to burn them. If you’re lucky you have a dehydrator.
    1. Use your hands to rip the kale leaves off the stem. Big leaf pieces are ok (they’ll shrink).
    2. wash the kale.
    3. let it drain and pat it dry.
    4. Toss it in a big bowl with the salt and spices (to taste) and olive oil until it has a thin coating of oil (not too much).
    5. Set the dehydrator to 135 degrees F. Arrange the leafs on the trays so they’re not touching each other.
    6. Leave them for 2-4 hours, but keep checking until they are crisp. the ones on the bottom will be done sooner.