Seedling Swap and Sale

seedlings - Seedling Swap and Sale


Getting to the computer at this time of year is a challenge, however with nothing but sunshine in the forecast if I wait for a rainy day it might be a while!

First, thanks again to everyone who has sent payment despite my lack of reminders. Anyone who has not yet done so, please count yourself reminded! At the very least, I need a deposit to hold your spot. as there are only a few shares left.

I will keep this brief, but I wanted to let everyone know that we will be at the Homegrown Hampers’ Seedling Swap and Sale on Thursday May 20th between 5 and 7pm with lots of Tomato seedlings (and a few other things).

I also have a few things listed on the Homegrown Hamper site (orders are due by Monday evening), and if I have any extras I will bring them along for anyone who would prefer to shop on the spot.

If anyone would prefer to place an order for pick-up at the farm, I will include the list of varieties here so you can just send me an email and we can arrange a time on Friday or Saturday. You don’t have to be a CSA member to order.

Tomato seedlings are $5 each or 3 for $12

If you would like to add veggies to your order (or just want some veggies) we have a few things available in limited quantities, including:

  • Rhubarb  $5
  • Green Garlic $2.50
  • Green Onions $2.50
  • Cilantro $2
  • Mizuna $3

Members, we have also been busy in the field and I am happy to share that my first summer staff member, Sonora, has already been hard at work planting. Another should be joining us soon, so I will save introductions for the next newsletter.

Peas, spinach, kale, kohlrabi, chard, radishes, salad mix, lettuce and onions are just some of the things that are already growing away in the field for you. With warmer nights in the forecast the rest will be filling in fast and I am hopeful for a nice early start to the CSA season!

— Jenny


Tomato Seedling Varieties


  • Jaune Flamme
  • Moskvich
  • Nepal
  • Pruden’s Purple
  • Brandywine
  • Striped German
  • Rose
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Carbon
  • Valencia
  • Rutgers
  • San Marzano (sauce tomato)

Cherry Tomatoes

  • Black Cherry
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Esterina
  • Mini Bell (miniature plant great for containers)
  • Orange Hat (miniature plant great for containers)

Other Specialty Tomatoes

  • Sunrise Bumblebee
  • Pink Bumblebee
  • Osu Blue
  • Green Zebra
  • Brad’s Atomic Grape



wheelbarrow at dusk big rainbow organic seedlings under coverseedlingsIMG 6370 scaled - Seedling Swap and Sale