🌬️ Walloping Winds, Stirling Market, & CSA Week 2

More Ominous Skies - 🌬️ Walloping Winds, Stirling Market, & CSA Week 2

Hello Knuckle Down Farm friends,

Well, that was quite a weekend! We have certainly had windy days here before, but never a tornado warning (which thankfully didn’t materialize). The winds that followed, though, were relentless.

The beautiful peas will all have to be re-trellised tomorrow as we harvest and unsurprisingly many of the covers that I use to keep pests off of our crops had to be re-secured. As frustrating as those things are, the only real damage seems to be on the tender young bean plants, but I’m confident those will recover so all in all I am feeling pretty lucky.

Before the winds arrived last week we spent much of our time harvesting. With our first Stirling Market in the Village coming up this Friday afternoon, we will be working hard to get those last Summer crops planted so we can focus on trellising and pruning all of the tomatoes. It looks like we have another heat wave coming as we move into Summer, so I’m sure the tomato plants will be well on their way to creating an impenetrable jungle otherwise!

Along with the arrival of sugar snap peas, garlic scape season is now fully upon us. CSA members will of course be seeing these curly little treasures for a few weeks in your shares. We will have lots for the Market too and if anyone is looking to do some pickling or freezing and needs larger quantities don’t hesitate to get in touch. Garlic scape pesto, here we come.

We haven’t had too much pest pressure yet this Season, with the exception of leaf miner which as been enjoying our beets immensely, so for those of you who like your beet greens as much as you like your beets, apologies in advance if your beets seem a little more trimmed than usual. Don’t worry though, the beets themselves are looking good!

— Jenny

This week’s Share:
🥬 Kale
🥬 Lettuce
🔴 Radishes
🥬 Bok Choi
☮️ Sugar Snap Peas
🌿 Dill and Parsley
🌱 Garlic Scapes
🥁 Beets