Borrowed Thyme, Impending Rime

Misty Morning on the Farm


Here we are officially into Fall and the cool nights have arrived. Miraculously we avoided frost despite warnings and low overnight temperatures last week, however I know we are on borrowed time now.

My focus this week will be on harvesting all of the Winter Squash and whatever tomatoes I can so I have fewer crops to worry about protecting in the field.

I’m also trying to take advantage of the wet soil to remove some of the very large weeds that are hoping to drop millions of seeds all over the place! Not to mention my nemesis the so-called “Canada” thistle.

The abundant rain has given our fall crops a boost and some things that I wasn’t sure would have time to size up are looking much more likely now, especially if we get a bit of a warm up in October.

Undoubtedly we will have some Salad mix and Napa Cabbage coming soon with the Winter Radishes and Celery not far behind. I think we will even have some half decent Celeriac this year, something I haven’t grown in a while.

This week I dug lots of nice potatoes for our CSA shares and will hopefully bring some along to the Market on Friday too! Pie pumpkins will also be heading home with members this week to celebrate the beginning of Fall.

The September Hamper is this Thursday and it isn’t too late to get an order in tonight for anyone out Campbellford way, it may be the last chance for tomatoes!

— Jenny

This week’s harvest:

🥧 Pie Pumpkins
🥔 Potatoes
🎵 Beets
🫑 Peppers
🍅 Tomatoes
🥬 Greens Choice
🧅 Shallots
🎉 Surprise
🌿 Herbs