Sunset on Summer and This One Cow

Sunset Cow


Some years the shift from Summer to Fall is gradual and almost imperceptible, but this year it seems to me to be fully Fall quite all of a sudden.

The changing light, the colours, the cool nights and rain, finches eating the seeds from my sunflowers and pumpkins dotting my field are all contributing to the Fall mood. This difference is made even more dramatic this year, as my children both go off to School and Sonora worked her last full week last week.

Suddenly it is very quiet in the garden.

However, there is still much to be done in this year’s garden even as my thoughts begin to dwell more and more on next Season.

This week I was finally too impatient to wait on the potatoes any longer, so we will have some lovely new potatoes in our shares this week, some pretty pink skinned French Fingerlings, a new variety for me and a new white as well. Feedback welcome.

Our second planting of beans is also now producing some lovely tender beans and we have some bok choi again this week too.

Finally, as a reminder that Summer is not quite over, there is an abundance of sweet cherry tomatoes, hopefully I am able to harvest them all fast enough with just my two little hands!

— Jenny

This Week’s Share:
🍅 Cherry Tomatoes
🍅 Tomatoes
🫑 Peppers
🐝 Beans
🥬 Bok Choi
🥔 New Potatoes
🥒 Cukes, Zukes or Eggplants
🥬 Swiss Chard
🌿 Herbs