Too Hot to Labour Day

dog in field with moon

Hello Farm Friends,

Remember when it seemed like Fall was on its way last week? Not this week folks!

Today it is so hot the only thing I want to do is sit in the shade and read a book, and because it’s Labour Day, that is exactly what I’m doing.

However, I thought I should come inside and at least send out a quick note about our harvest list for tomorrow.

I hope everyone else is getting a chance to soak in this lazy Summer sunshine and best of luck to all of you who are getting ready for Back to School tomorrow

— Jenny

This Week’s Share:
🍅 Tomatoes
ðŸū Beans
🧅 Onions
ðŸĨ” Potatoes
ðŸļ Acorn Squash
🎈 Radishes
🍃 Greens Bunch
ðŸŦ‘ Peppers
🍆 Eggplant
ðŸŠī Herbs

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