Knuckle Down Farm CSA 2019: Week One!

lettuce - Knuckle Down Farm CSA 2019: Week One!

It’s finally here, the beginning of another CSA Season, that must be what all the fireworks are about!

If you’re picking up on the Farm that means:


Tuesday the 2nd between 4pm and 7pm
251 Anderson Island Road
(44.267286° N, 77.621652° W )


For those of you in Toronto:

Thursday the 4th, between 3:30pm and 7:00pm
328 Rusholme Road (in the back yard)


If you’re new to our CSA this year, Welcome!

If you’re returning, Welcome Back!


For all of my new members this season, you’ll find the CSA is set-up kind of like a market table but with a menu. We don’t pre-bag anything (including salad mix) so you’ll want to bring smaller bags or containers as well as a shopping bag, basket or cooler to put everything into.

I’ll try to stay close-by to the table on the farm this week so I can introduce newcomers to the routine and welcome back everyone else in person. In the city I’ll need to be at the Dufferin Market for much of the pickup time, but you’ll find a chalkboard with a list of each item and how much you should take. If you’re confused just ask one of the other friendly members, or come find me at market!

Things on the farm started slowly with the cool wet Spring, but thanks to the recent sunshine they are coming along nicely now. We are starting the CSA just in time for the lettuce to be ready, so you will be getting some beautiful heads this week. I will also send along the last of the Spring spinach

The radishes didn’t love all this recent heat, so some of them might be a little on the spicy or fibrous side although I did try to sort through them as I harvested.

The garlic is looking beautiful and has just begun to send up scapes, so it is time to dust off those garlic scape pesto recipes, yesterday I made one with almonds and parmesan that we are enjoying on everything!

I will send along some potted basil this week too for your porch or window sill (for those of you who just can’t abide pesto without a little basil).

Looking forward to seeing many of you this week.


Some things that will likely be in your share this week:

  • Lettuce
  • Garlic Scapes
  • Kale
  • Radishes
  • Basil (in a pot)
  • Spinach
  • Pac Choi (these guys are a little beetle bitten, but still delicious in your favourite stir-fry)


Lettuce Give Thanks

Garlic, I think

More probable Garlic