Thunder and Lightning

IMG 0131 - Thunder and Lightning

Hello everyone, I thought I would take this latest thunderstorm as an opportunity to get a quick note out! It has been a temperature rollercoaster of a Spring, but the recent rains with the long days and heat mean the garden is suddenly exploding with green.

That means we are right on track to start the on-farm CSA pick-ups next Tuesday, June the 15th! I will send out another reminder on Monday with pick-up details. I was hoping to get some feedback from you about how you’re are feeling about pick-up style. We have two options:

  1. Set everything up market style as usual and simply ask everyone to please only touch the items they are taking,
  2. Pre-pack the shares so each member just collects their items out of a designated bin.

The benefit of the former is you have a little more choice about what you take in your share, the benefit of the latter is more control over contact. We want to do what is best for you, so please let me know your preference.

Toronto members, I am still planning to make a trip into the city as soon as the bulk of the Spring planting is finished, stay tuned for dates.

Potatoes, tomatoes, pepper and eggplants are in, as well as all of the greens, but there is still a whole whack of squash and pumpkins waiting in the wings.

The grafted tomatoes in the greenhouse are coming along great and I am trying some super early cukes in the greenhouse as well, so fingers crossed we will be seeing those soon. No flowers on the peas yet, but they are growing well and our first planting of beans is coming up strong. The onions and garlic are both loving this weather and looking beautiful. All in all, the garden is looking pretty good, I’m not sure when the last time was I said that in June!

If you can’t wait ’till Tuesday, or if you’re not part of the CSA, the farm stand will be open Saturday 11am – 3pm. Tomato seedlings 50% off!


Tomato in the Greenhouse

Radishes, I think

Garlic Scapes

Organic Lettuce in the Field

Organic Kale in the Field