Long-Overdue May Updates from the Farm

Flowering tree - Long-Overdue May Updates from the Farm

Hello everyone and a big welcome to all of our new members.

There has been so much keeping on my toes since my last newsletter that I’m not sure where to even start.

So, just like every good Canadian, I suppose I will start with the weather.

Remember the super mild Spring we were having? Me neither, thanks to the so-called Polar Vortex that blew in and reminded us farmers (and gardeners) not to get too eager in the Spring! I have never had crops in the ground so early and neither have I had such a long stretch of frosty nights in May.

The good news is that most the early seeded crops are a cold hardy bunch and weathered the sudden freeze surprisingly well. I was able to hold off on planting out any of my more sensitive transplants ’till last week, so losses have been minimal. The bad news is everything slowed right down, so we will just have to be patient as ever for those Spring favourites.

I’m excited to announce that my neighbour Courtney has joined my stellar farm crew, keeping even our labour as local as possible! If you are a returning member, you may have passed her out on the road with one of her lovely horses when you picked up your shares last year.

With the extra hands, planting is now in full swing and the field is filling up with onions, lettuce, spinach kale and Swiss chard. The spicy salad mix, carrots, radishes and beets have begun to germinate and we even planted a few beds of early potatoes.

We have also been busy potting up lots, and lots of tomatoes for our first ever tomato sale. We’ll have lots of extra to sell at the farm gate this Saturday and Sunday, 10AM – 4PM if anyone local needs last minute tomatoes for their gardens.  CSA members get a 50% discount!

Here’s a facebook event and here it is on eventbrite in case that’s useful to anyone.

We’ll be practicing physically distancing and contactless covid-safe procedures.

Thank you all for joining me on this farming adventure, I am excited about the season ahead and hope you are too!




Flowering tree


Row cover

Running Todler

Rows of plants

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