On-Farm CSA week 4: Too hot, too dry, but still growing

Fresh Organic Garlic - On-Farm CSA week 4: Too hot, too dry, but still growing

Heat waves are a great time to float around on a lake or sip something cold and nap under a tree. They are not my favourite weather to work in! Thankfully the early mornings and evenings haven’t been too humid and we have still been able to get lots done.

Thus far the well is holding up and the garden is lush and green with some crops loving the heat. I’d say we are one good rainfall away from an explosion of fruiting crops like tomatoes, eggplants and zucchini. In fact I am happy to report that I have seen a slight blush on some of our tomatoes and today I definitely spotted a tiny eggplant.

The peas have stopped flowering for now, but we have a good harvest for tomorrow and it looks the beans should be coming along soon.

It is hard to get new crops to germinate in this heat, and transplants can get a bit of a shock, but we are doing our best to baby the new additions!

All this heat has made the garlic grow fast and furious and we are already harvesting fresh bulbs this week. What I’ve dug so far looks big and beautiful. I will put them in the shares tomorrow.

— Jenny

This Week’s Share:
  • Fresh Garlic
  • Lettuce Mix
  • Collards
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • Fresh Onions
  • Beets/Carrots
  • Basil

Fresh Organic Garlic

A Hot Field

Organic Snow Peas

Persian Basil Leaves