August Showers Bring a Great Big Sigh of Relief

We finally got rain! In fact we got 30mm of rain in two days, more than we got in all of July and it looks like there might be more on the way.

The garden looks happier already.

This week we will begin to get the final fall crops into the ground and plan for where we might want to seed some fall cover crops to keep the soil organisms happy and fed and work on building the organic matter in our soil. There are a few areas in the garden that need to be reclaimed from the perennial grasses and other weeds that have crept in, starting work on these now will help free up some new beds for the Spring.

Of course there will also be lots of pruning, weeding and harvesting to keep us busy as all the plants drink in these lovely rains and grow grow grow!

There are no new additions to the harvest line-up this week, so I will throw in some purslane for those of you who love having something different. I don’t usually harvest weeds, but purslane is an exception because it really is nutritionally exceptional. Purslane is full of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E and has a refreshing tart flavour. Just toss it in your favourite salad.

ā€” Jenny

This Week’s share:
šŸ„¬ Swiss Chard
šŸ§… Onions
šŸ§„ Garlic
šŸ… Tomatoes
šŸ‘¾ Kohlrabi
šŸ„” New Potatoes
šŸŒ¶ļø Shishito Peppers
šŸ† Zucchini or Eggplant
ā˜˜ļøĀ Parsley
šŸ„’ Ugly Cucumbers (Peel them, it’s what’s on the inside that matters!)
šŸŒæ Optional Purslane