Farm CSA Week 9: Drenched and loving it!

squash - Farm CSA Week 9: Drenched and loving it!

This morning we had a forceful downpour of 10mm in about an hour, so despite the hot and humid afternoon everyone is happy in the garden today, except maybe Courtney and Kim who are melting in heat!

This week is Kim’s last week, so a great big thanks to her for all her help this Season. It has been so great having extra hands, we will miss her! (Thanks too, to the Canada Summer Jobs program for making it possible).

With almost all of our fall crops planted now, we are focused mostly on weeding and harvesting for the next few weeks. Usually I would begin turning beds over to cover crops around now, but the garden is so packed this year we have barely any empty beds to fill! I will work on reclaiming some of the garden space we have lost over the past few years. Next Season it would be nice to have a bit more room to focus on soil building and somewhere to put those expansive crops like Squash and Potatoes.

Speaking of Squash, there are some spaghetti and acorn squash just around the corner. Also: beans! I know I have promised them before, but our second planting is looking heaps better than the first and fingers crossed we will have enough for everyone this week.

Also new this week is peppers! I know green isn’t as exciting as red or yellow, but green comes first, so we will enjoy a few while we wait for the colours to show.

All the sudden rain also means lots of cracked tomatoes, so I will offer those as extras for anyone who doesn’t mind a little trimming.

— Jenny

This week’s share:
🍠 Beets
🥕 Carrots
🥬 Kale
🍅 Tomatoes
💚 Green Peppers
✨ Beans
🥬 Savoy Cabbage
🥒 Cucumbers or Zucchinis
🌿 Arugula
🍀 Herbs