Week 10: Halfway to the final harvest!

The beginning of the Season is always such a whirlwind that the halfway point takes me by surprise, but here we are. I hope everyone has been enjoying everything thus far and of course feedback is welcome.

This past weekend I took a little family vacation while Courtney looked after the few remaining seedlings and made sure the cats were fed. Often in the summer it is difficult to get away so I am truly thankful that we had that opportunity and I could relax knowing the farm was in good hands. We didn’t even have to skip the Stirling Market thanks to another kind soul who jumped in for me there. Thanks Courtney and Lauren from my and my happy boys!

While we were gone I swear some things doubled in size, including the corn (fingers crossed for a late crop) and the sunflowers.

With the rain yesterday and this afternoon followed by some sunshine later this week I am optimistic about our fall crops. Now we just need to get out to thin and weed everything before it gets away from us!

Although I haven’t had a chance to do a good walk around yet, I will give my best guess as to what will be in your share this week. Although there may be some changes, I can say with certainty that there will finally be beans for all!


This week’s share:
Eggplant or Green Peppers


(sorry, no pictures due to busted internets)