Final CSA share of the 2020 Season!

The CSA season will come to an end this week, and despite all of the strangeness of 2020, in the end I am proud of how we did this year.

Walking around the garden now, I can see evidence of all the things that we didn’t get to, got to too late, or that just didn’t grow well for one reason or another. I can also see the evidence of many great harvests, lots of hard work by my wonderful staff this season (thanks so much Courtney and Kim) and the promise of 2021.

It is hard to imagine, at this moment what next year will look like, but with twice as much garlic, cover crops and most importantly irrigation in the ground, I am confident the seeds have been sown (pun intended) for many good meals, hopefully to be shared with good friends when we start it all again next Spring.

Many of you have asked when you can sign-up for next Season (thank you for your enthusiasm, it warms my heart). I will take a few months off from writing newsletters but will most certainly let you know first when registration is open! Usually that is sometime in January.

Thanks again to all of you for joining me this Season, I wouldn’t be here doing what I love without you. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have and to see you all again soon..

— Jenny

This week’s Share:

  • Kale, glorious kale
  • Garlic (I held back from planting all of it)
  • Kohlrabi
  • Radishes
  • Carrots
  • Miniature lettuce and maybe some radicchio)
  • Pencil leeks
  • An assortment of other greens to choose from.


p.s. Happy Halloween!