New New Year News

Snowy Sunflower - New New Year News

Hello everyone, I hope you are all staying well as we move into this New Year.

A friend of mine recently asked if I had removed her from my newsletter list as she hadn’t heard anything from me in a while, so I figured it is high time I be in touch!

Today is a beautiful snowy January day, the type of day where the strength of the sun coming in the South window reminds me that seed starting isn’t that far off now.

I’ve finished our seed orders for the upcoming season and hopefully they’ll begin arriving soon. I’m excited to try some fun new varieties alongside our old favourites. If there is anything you would like to see more of (or see at all) let me know, I am still in the middle of crop planning and can always make adjustments!

One of the reasons I’ve taken so long to write, is that I’ve been wrestling with a big decision. Many of you in Toronto have been with me since before Knuckle Down Farm even had a name, and all of you have been so supportive along this farm journey. For that reason announcing that I will not run a CSA in Toronto in 2021 is a difficult and sad decision I’m not making lightly.

However, between needing to find a new drop-off location,  the Dufferin Grove Market remaining virtual for the foreseeable future, and not wanting to disrupt any more of Ernest’s school year when there have already been so many disruptions, it just seems like the best decision for my family and the farm at the moment. I know you will understand and I do hope to be back and better than ever soon.

I anticipate I will still be bringing the occasional load into the city for the on-line Dufferin Market and will of course keep you posted about this and any other opportunities that may come up.

For my on-farm members registration will open later this week.

— Jenny


Snowy Sunflower