🌽 Sweet Corn and Salsa

corny - 🌽 Sweet Corn and Salsa

Although we are surrounded by corn fields out here in rural Ontario, organically grown sweet corn is often hard to find. Perhaps that’s why I’m never confident about growing it. It’s also why I’m always so delighted when we do.

In the past, I have often left it out of the garden altogether, as it takes up quite a bit of space for a crop that you can only harvest from once or twice. Those days are gone thanks to the unbridled enthusiasm of my children at the prospect of corn on the cob! This week we will finally be able to harvest at least a few for you, I hope it brings you half as much joy as it brings us.

And what goes well with corn? Why fingerling potatoes and fresh salsa of course! To that end, the first of the hot peppers and long awaited cilantro will also be available this week. Throw in some fresh onions, sweet peppers and any combination of tomatoes and, okay, now I am just making myself hungry…

The beautiful rain yesterday has given us a chance to do a little weeding, and hopefully we can plant out some of the final transplants for the season. I will try again to get a bed of spicy salad mix going and hopefully we will have some better luck with it for fall. I’m also hoping we can get our (late) Summer cover crop mix in before it is really too late!

β€” Jenny

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