Cold Front, Big Parsley

green gradient - Cold Front, Big Parsley

Hello everyone,

With Stirling’s Market in the Village closed for the season and the CSA winding towards its an end, we’ve been thinking about setting up an online farmstand.   Is this something that you might use? Please let me know!

We sure have been enjoying the unusually warm October weather, but it looks like there will be a chill in the air tonight.

I decided it was time to say goodbye to our beautiful pepper plants, although they seemed to think it was still August. There are now bins of peppers everywhere and I’m not quite sure what we are going to put our harvest into tomorrow!

Despite the drop in temperature, we will still have lots of vegetables for our final two shares as well as extra heading out with the Homegrown Hamper on Thursday. We will have chilly fingers in the morning though.

Last week we were able to get our first bed of garlic in the ground and I hope to get a few more planted this week. If anyone else is looking for garlic for planting, let me know before it’s too late.

— Jenny

This weeks share:
🥔 Potatoes
🏸 Squash
🧄 Garlic
🍃 Spicy Salad Mix
🫑 Peppers
🍆 Zucchini or Eggplant
🔴 Winter Radishes
🍃 Greens Choice
🌿 Herbs

green gradient - Cold Front, Big Parsley

lotsa peppers - Cold Front, Big Parsley mystery - Cold Front, Big Parsley parsley - Cold Front, Big Parsley sun behind the greenhouse - Cold Front, Big Parsley radish - Cold Front, Big Parsley