Thanksgiving Harvest

hardcore taters - Thanksgiving Harvest


It’s another rainy Monday, but today I’m filled with gratitude. The early frost never came and the October garden is looking beautiful in all of its fall splendour!  It’s truly the perfect scene for a Thanksgiving harvest.

The latest rains have brought on a final rush of growth and the Kale plants are now Kale trees, almost as tall as me! Spinach and Spicy Salad Mix are finally ready to harvest, we have some beautiful Savoy Cabbage, big potatoes and a variety of Squash and Pie Pumpkins, even some small leeks to round out any feasts you may be planning.

Our Spring Fennel have offered us up a second cut, so we will be harvesting those as well this week and any Beets we can find as those two really do make a fine pair.

We will also cut our green celery this week, I still haven’t mastered celery, but the rain has given us a bit of a boost, and they are looking pretty nice.

Our first cover crop seedings are up and growing, and we managed to get a few more in. I am also hoping to experiment with covering some beds with fall leaves for early Spring planting, as it is too late to plant any cover crops that Winter kill.

If anyone has fall leaves that they enjoy raking I will happily collect them from you, as long as no chemicals have been used on the yard!

— Jenny

This Week’s Share:
🏸 Squash or Pie Pumpkins
🥔 Potatoes
🧄 Garlic
🔥 Fennel
• Celery
🥕 Beets or Carrots
🥬 Savoy Cabbage
🍃 Spicy Salad Mix or Spinach
• Little Leeks
🍃 Greens Choice
🌿 Herbs

pie pumpkins - Thanksgiving Harvest

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