Muddy Monday

Garden Stuff - Muddy Monday

Hello everyone,

It looks like it is going to be a muddy harvest tomorrow. Apologies in advance if you need to give your veggies an extra rinse this week. I’m not complaining though, if I’m not mistaken, by this time last year we had already had an early frost and although we are looking at some pretty cool nights, I’m hopeful we won’t have a repeat of that this week (although it looks quite possible, yikes).

Good thing we have lots of frost tolerant crops out there growing quickly with all the rain. Speaking of rain, Sonora had a little extra time to clean garlic last week and we discovered she has a hidden talent for making beautiful garlic braids and wreaths, if anyone is interested in one, I’m sure she would be willing to take orders, I’m hoping she will teach me before the garlic sells out.

Lots of things coming out of the field this week including salad mix, red onions, more varied Squashes and some greens that have been absent for a while, such as Dinosaur Kale and Collards

We still have lots of Sweet Peppers and Eggplants too, and yes, a trickling of Summer Squash 🙂

There are only two more weeks left of the Market in the Village in Stirling, so I hope to see those of you who are not CSA members there.

CSA members, we are now in the final quarter!

— Jenny

This week’s share:

🍆 Eggplant
🏸 Squash
🥔 Potatoes
🫑 Sweet Peppers
🔴 Red Onions
🍃 Salad Mix
🥒 Summer Squash/zucchini
🥕 Colourful Carrots
🥬 Greens Choice
🌿 Herbs


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