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Jenny in the Greenhouse

Hello Farm friends,

It is a tad cold outside today, but it is time to start thinking about Spring and seeds and all of the delicious vegetables we will enjoy in 2022!

Our CSA sign-up form has been updated and we are excited to welcome you back. I miss seeing your friendly faces each week.

You might notice I made the tough decision to raise my prices a bit for the first time in a while.Β  As you can guess all of our expenses have gone up, so it had to be done.

I got a jump on seed ordering this year so they have already begun to arrive, however, if there is anything in particular that you would love to see more of (or less of) in your share or on the market table, let me know, garden planning is fluid and ongoing. I am growing these veggies for you after all!

Over the next few weeks I will be procrastinating from self-promotion and marketing (my least favourite part of running a farm), by cleaning up and preparing the greenhouse, garden plan edits and doing some germination tests on my rather large collection of lettuce seeds. If any of you have the time or inclination to write a google or facebook review for the farm I would be immensely grateful, it really does help.

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A little note for those of you with your own gardens: lettuce is one of those seeds that doesn’t have a very long storage life, so old seed can often lead to disappointing results. If you have seed leftover from a previous year, it is quick and easy to do a germination test with some paper towel and a plastic bag. Just remember lettuce needs light to germinate, so keep it near a window.

Toronto friends, I’m sorry to say we will likely not be bringing the CSA back to the city for now, however we will keep you posted with news about when and where you will be able to find us this Season.

β€” Jenny

p.s. Here is the sign-up link again and some pretty pictures for you to enjoy:


Field of Chard


Chard Bearer



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