Crouching Lettuce, Hidden Killdeer

Killdeer and Lettuce - Crouching Lettuce, Hidden Killdeer

Hello —

Here we are in July and the lazy days of Summer are upon us. Or, more accurately, the lazy days of Summer are upon some people, here at the farm things are busy as ever!

Last week we managed to get a good start on the tomato trellising and pruning, and we have lots of little green tomatoes coming along nicely. A few cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse are already starting to blush, so it won’t be too long now before we can enjoy them.

This week Sonora and I are doing our best to get the sweet corn and potatoes planted so that we can turn our attention to mulching and weeding the rest of the garden before it is time to start worrying about the fall crops.

The beans are now flowering and the garlic and onions are looking great, we should have fresh garlic next week.

This week for your shares and at market, we should have some lovely beets, pretty little kohlrabi and great big Napa Cabbages.

I will harvest the last of our picture-perfect butterhead lettuce, although I may leave a few for my Killdeer pals who have decided to tuck their nest right in the middle of them. I think at least one of the pair has decided for the most part that I am no threat, and doesn’t bother putting up much of a fuss anymore when I pass by. That said, I fear cutting down their lettuce shelter might destroy our budding friendship.

— Jenny

This Week’s Share:
🌱 Garlic Scapes (one last time)
🥬 Lettuce
🍃 Spicy Salad Mix
🎶 Beets
👾 Kohlrabi
🥬 Greens Choice (kale, Collards, chard etc…)
🥬 Napa Cabbage
☮️/🥒 Some combination of the last Peas and the first Zucchini
🌿 Herbs