Makin’ it Rain! 🌧️

plants 1 - Makin' it Rain! 🌧️


There’s cause for celebration this week! Those of you who have been following along with us for some time will probably remember that we’ve been working on setting up a highly-elaborate irrigation system for, well, years.

For various reasons — primarily that I’d never done anything like it before and that there’s always some more immediate task to do that seems easier than calculating flow rates, or fiddling with pipes and other irrigation fittings — I have just been unable to get it finished!

Well, this past weekend, with lots of help from my family, we finally watered our first crops without having to drag around hoses or haul watering cans through the field. Yay.

Of course, as Murphy’s Law requires, we will now have another rainy harvest day tomorrow. It’s such a relief however, to finally get the system working, that no rain will ruin my parade and with all this hot weather, we can use every drop.

In other better-late-than-never news, we finished planting the potatoes, seeded another bed of beans and the baby Killdeer hatched and are running around adorably under the corn allowing us to harvest the rest of the lettuce.

This week we will also be harvesting some tender little green cabbages and the first of the fresh garlic! I’ve got my fingers crossed for carrots too, but we never got to thinning them, so we will have to see tomorrow. The beans will be ready next week for sure and the cucumbers and zucchini should be coming along in full force soon.

For those of you who like to order through the Homegrown Hamper, our July offerings are listed now and orders are due tonight!

— Jenny

This week’s share:
🥬 Lettuce
🚀 Arugula or Mizuna
🥬 Swiss Chard
🥬 Green Cabbage
🥕 Carrots
❣️ Salad Turnips
🧅 Green Onions
🍕 Fresh Garlic
🌿 Herbs