I’m as Corny as Quinte in August

Corny as Quinte in August - I'm as Corny as Quinte in August


Sonora and I were both wondering why we were feeling so sluggish this afternoon, until she checked the temperature! It was sitting around 40 degrees with the humidity today, I hope, therefore, that you will forgive me if this newsletter is not my most inspired.

I do have some exciting news though, at least exciting around my house: the sweet corn is ready to harvest. The kids have tested it and given it two thumbs up, so don’t tell the racoons, but we will have corn in our CSA shares tomorrow.

I enjoyed a busy market last week in Toronto and a somewhat less busy one in Stirling but we still had lots of lovely tomatoes to harvest again today before the storm rolls in.

The new beans and potatoes are not quite ready yet, but they will be coming along soon and we were able to get a pretty decent harvest from our earlier planting of beans, I think we will even have a few eggplants tomorrow for those of you who have been missing the eggplants this year,  I know I am.

It looks like the wind is picking up, so I think I better run and make sure today’s harvest is protected!

– Jenny

This week’s share:

🍅 Tomatoes
🫑 Peppers
🌽 Corn
🥬 Chard or Kale
🧅 Onions
🌯 Beans or Shishito peppers
🍆 Zucchini or Eggplant
🔥 Teeny Tiny Cabbages or Fennel
🌿 Herbs