Varmint Patrols at Dusk & Plenty o’ Garlic

Organic Raccoon Patrol - Varmint Patrols at Dusk & Plenty o' Garlic


Today I’m just enjoying the sound of the rain. Sonora and I decided to celebrate by taking the day off. It is always easier to rest when I know the garden is getting what it needs. Last I checked we had surpassed 10mm of rain, and it is still falling steadily.

Over the weekend, before the rain arrived, I was able to bring all of our storage onions in to cure. Many of the yellow onions and shallots didn’t size up the way I would like, but the red onion crop is looking pretty nice. Now I just need to move all of the garlic to make room to cure the onions!

To that end, we will be selling garlic by the pound, as well as individually from now until it’s gone. You can find it on our webstore as well as the Dufferin Market Webstore this week, or you can come find me at Stirling or Dufferin Market. If you buy it now, it will save me having to move it into storage and it will save you the anxiety of running out of garlic before you see me next. Win-win, I’d say. CSA members, we will double you up on garlic this week too!

As soon as we can, we will put a cover crop into the beds that the onions came out of to protect the soil over the winter and Spring. Other than a few quick and cold hardy crops, we have reached the time in the growing season when the planting we are doing going forward is mostly in preparation for next year!

But that doesn’t mean we don’t still have lots going on in this season’s garden. Our sweet corn is coming along nicely and thus far, there has only been minimal raccoon activity. I’ve been patrolling at dusk in the hopes of scaring off any would-be thieves, but might have to up my game as the corn gets closer.

I noticed today that some of our potatoes have started flowering, so this rain should be well timed to bring on some new potatoes soon! Our next planting of salad mix is up now too and will be enjoying this reprieve from the hot dry weather.

Next week we will see if it was enough to bring on our late zucchinis, cucumbers and eggplants too, fingers crossed.

— Jenny

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