Foliage Status: Splendorous!

Leafy - Foliage Status: Splendorous!

Hello farm friends,

It is just an absolutely perfect fall afternoon. 

I hope that you have had a chance to go out for a stroll this holiday weekend and enjoy the beautiful colours. Our children insisted we take them to the “Learning Forest” at their school and I am thankful that they did. If you live in the area and haven’t had a chance to go there, it’s a pretty spot right in town to go for a short walk on the weekend. How lucky we are to have this as part of the public school here.

Walking around the field here at the farm is also beautiful, but the field is beginning to look quite bare. Sonora finished harvesting all of our remaining peppers before we lost the plants on Friday night and although I covered our beets, the time for beautiful beet greens has passed. 

The salad mix I was hoping to harvest last week is recovering now with better frost protection and I will try to harvest it this week. We have a few very cold hardy crops that I’m hoping will size-up a little over the next few weeks, but the majority of our harvest is already out of the ground and ready for those hearty fall stews or slow roasts.

Expect more potatoes, garlic and onions over the next three weeks.

Some people have been asking so you can mark your calendars with October 25th for the final CSA pick-up this year!

With the Stirling market over for the Season, I will try to get the web store updated for anyone who is missing getting our veggies at the market and remember, now is the time to plant garlic or to just stock up for Winter before I run out.


This week’s share:

🥔 Potatoes
🫑 Peppers
🎵 Beets
🧄 Garlic
🥬 Bok Choi
🍃 Salad Mix
🧅 Onions
🌿 Herbs