Wandering Turkeys, Beckoning Sofa

Wandering Turkeys

It is a cold, wet, blustery Monday and I’m glad I spent yesterday digging various roots out of the garden so I could spend this morning baking pumpkin muffins instead!

This morning a large family of wild turkeys sauntered across our wet field, reminding me that Thanksgiving has passed and I do need to finish digging the last of the potatoes and preparing a few other garden beds for our big garlic planting.

Fortunately, it looks like this cold and rainy snap will only last a few days so I will keep myself busy tidying up the greenhouse, putting away irrigation lines and taking down trellises. 

Maybe I will finally attempt to make some hot sauce with the last of our Jalapeños, I hear there is a worldwide shortage of Sriracha, so what better time to try? In fact, this is the perfect week to start some kimchi too, as cabbage and daikon are on this week’s harvest list.

If anyone has a favourite recipe for either, please do share it with us!

Or perhaps I will just cuddle up with my beasts on the sofa for a bit longer than usual, either way, the garlic can wait a little longer.


— Jenny

This Week’s share:

🥔 Potatoes
🫑 Peppers
🥬 Cabbage
🥕 Carrots or Beets
🔥 Fennel or Celery
🧄 Garlic
🧅 Onions
🌿 Herbs