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What a beautiful snowy day to kick the cat off the keyboard and send out the Winter newsletter! 

In the past, January has been my Month of rest. Last year, however, I learned that seed for some of the vegetables I love is so popular that I need to start thinking about garden planning earlier. This year, most of my seed is already on the way. Between that and the mild, mostly green winter we have been experiencing, I must admit I feel a bit like a bear who’s hibernation period has been disrupted.

Some days I found myself wandering sleepily out to the greenhouse and feeling a great urge to plant things! Thankfully, I have been filling many of my days helping my friends over at Urban Harvest in Warkworth to pack seeds, so that has kept me from getting into too much trouble. Which maybe can’t be said for actual bears.

Soon, though the days will lengthen enough that I can safely get some early seeds in the ground and in the meantime I will enjoy this little gift of winter weather.

But before I do that, I would like to invite you to sign-up for this year’s CSA!

As many of you know, our CSA is the heart of our farm so, as well as always making sure the first and best selection goes into our farm shares, this year I would also like to add a little thank-you perk, CSA members will get a 10% discount on anything they purchase on our online farm store anytime throughout the Season.

Last year we were able to offer a subsidized share to a family who had recently arrived from Ukraine thanks to the generosity of our members. This was such a lovely experience for all of us that I’ve decided to create a Community Food Fund

As we all know, fresh and healthy vegetables are not always accessible to everyone, and just as inflation is driving up all of our expenses on the farm, I fear this problem is only being exacerbated. In an effort to address this at least in our very small circle of influence, we will be earmarking two percent of each share sale to the fund. In addition anyone can contribute to this fund when buying a share or at any time through the web store, helping us to increase the accessibility of our vegetables to the community.

If you are interested in accessing this fund, or know someone who might benefit, or alternatively, if you would like to contribute but are not part of the CSA, send me a message.

Thanks and happy hibernating,

— Jenny

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