Market Season Begins

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This is always a funny time of year. I’m eager to get things into the ground, but am also reluctant to send all the little seedlings I’ve been keeping alive inside the protection of the greenhouse out into the cruel world. It is so much harder to protect them out there, where frost, pests, sudden heat waves or droughts await them. Unfortunately, they can’t stay comfortably tucked into their trays too long, they need room to grow.

Regardless of a frosty couple of nights, the garden seemed anything but cruel this morning. Our lilac bushes are in bloom, the songbirds are putting on a show, snakes are lounging around in the greenhouse and the stray cat that has been visiting lately even let me scratch his head. Even the temperature was lovely today! Sometimes working outside all day has its perks.

On such a beautiful day as this, something had to go out into the garden and onions are usually a safe bet when the nights are still a little cool, so onions it was. I’m trying a few new to me varieties, and today I planted New York Early, they are looking strong and healthy going into the ground, fingers crossed for some early onions.

With the long weekend coming up, if anyone is looking for something to do, I will be attending a pop-up Spring Market on Saturday at Fogorig Brewing, a beautiful new brewery near Campbellford. It looks like we might be in for some rain, so why not drop by for a visit? I will be bringing lots of my extra heirloom and other unusual tomato varieties, some early veggies and Rhubarb too! If you’d like seedlings but can’t make it to the brewery just get in touch and we can work something out.

For my Toronto friends, I will also be back at Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market on Thursday the 25th and every other week after that. Looking forward to seeing some of you there, I will be bringing so much green garlic, so pull out those recipes.

CSA members, I’m not ready to give you a start date quite yet, but certainly sometime in June. I will send another update soon, it is going to be a busy few weeks!

— Jenny

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