Dates, Markets, Salads, and Parts Per Million

Smokey169 - Dates, Markets, Salads, and Parts Per Million

Most of my newsletters have some discussion of the weather, as it is one of the things that dictates what and when and how I grow and the one thing I have no control over. However, today is the first time the forecast has been for “smoke”.

As frustrating as it is to go from having to work slowly due to the heat, to having to worry about working outside too much due to poor air quality, I can only imagine what the folks who are having to evacuate their houses are feeling. My thoughts are with them. I know I was thankful for the downpour we received last night and I hope more will fall where it is needed most.

Apocalyptic news aside, Sonora and I were able to get quite a bit done last week. Tomatoes, Eggplant and Zucchini along with many of the summer brassicas have been planted and the Spring greens, peas and radishes are well on their way. 

I usually like to wait ’till the peas are flowering in the field to make a decision on a start date for the CSA, however with the cold start to the Spring this year, our tomatoes are flowering before our peas are! I know many of you are eager to get started, but I’ve decided to play it safe this year and set the first pick-up for June 20th. It’s always easier to fill shares at the end of the season than at the beginning and this will mean our very last CSA pick-up will fall on Halloween, which seems fitting given the spooky sky today.

An email with everything you need to know before you arrive will go out the Monday beforehand, thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to send payments without me ever getting around to reminders!

If you are missing your Spring greens, remember you can always use the online store while you wait for the 20th to roll around! Same goes for all you local market goers, the Stirling Market in the Village starts June 23rd, but you don’t have to wait that long for Salad if you don’t want to, the farm is just a few scenic minutes from town, whether you are coming from Stirling or Frankford or points between.

For my Toronto people, I will be back at Market this Thursday and every other week for the rest of the Season, come and find me, I love seeing every one of you. This week I will have a few extra-early garlic scapes from my greenhouse along with at least two varieties of salad mix, not nearly enough salad turnips and some beautiful heads of lettuce. Come early if you don’t want to be disappointed.


— Jenny

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