Van Cat, Hay Coyote, and Snoozy Tree Groundhog Pay a Visit

Anna and Jenny in Hats 169 - Van Cat, Hay Coyote, and Snoozy Tree Groundhog Pay a Visit

Hello farm friends,

Last week was the week of creatures in unusual places.

First, Peter spotted what looked an awful lot like a coyote lounging on a hay bale, next I had to remove a curious stray kitten from our van three times while I was loading for Market and finally, we discovered a groundhog clinging to our tiny oak tree, channelling its inner Koala bear. I must admit, I had know idea groundhogs could climb trees.

Perhaps like us, these critters were just trying to beat the heat!

Speaking of which, Sonora got us all caught up on seeding our fall transplants, a job that could be done from the comfort of the garage and my friend Anna came for a working vacation and helped me plant the rest of the potatoes despite us both melting while doing it.

Although we are having a bit of a break in the humidity this week, we are still hoping for some decent rain. The heat has left the garden dry dry dry and we are prioritizing rolling out more irrigation lines and other forms of watering, while keeping a close eye on our well.

Our first planting of beets is finally ready to harvest and the planting we seeded last week, that received irrigation immediately upon seeding, is already popping up. Hopefully we will have lots of beets for our shares and markets soon!

We also seeded lots of carrots and gave them a burlap blanket in hopes we can encourage some decent germination despite the dry soil, fingers crossed.

Lettuce, peas and radishes may be done for now, but our cucumbers and zucchinis are looking healthy and we have some big Napa Cabbage to fill up everyone’s fridges. Also: fresh garlic is here and I saw a little hint of colour in the tomato patch!

Over the next week we will be missing Stirling and Dufferin Grove as we try to fit in a few Summertime visits with friends and a little Summer fun for the kids. Unfortunately the online shop will also be closed this week, but will be open again next week with more to choose from! We have also added the occasional visit to the Picton Farmers’ Market, where it was fun to meet a whole slew of new vendors.

If you are near Picton on a Sunday I recommend checking it out, maybe you will find me there.

Till then,
— Jenny

This Week’s Share:
🥬 Napa Cabbage
🎵 Beets
🚀 Arugula
🧄 Fresh Garlic
🏸 Summer Squash
🇨🇭 Swiss Chard
☮️ Snow/Snap Peas
🌱 Garlic Scapes
🌿 Herbs

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