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This week I returned from a couple of days off of the farm to find the garden well watered and the vegetables just as happy as can be. The weeds are happy too, but I will take happy weeds over bone dry soil any day.

Today we’re catching up on some Tomato trellising and hope to be harvesting from a slightly more orderly tomato jungle soon!

We also weeded our Eggplants, and were happy to discover there are just enough to include them in our shares this week. The zucchini’s coming in strong now too, so it’s time to get out all of those Zucchini recipes.

Late last week we uncovered all of our Winter Squash so the pollinators can access the flowers. The plants are looking great at the moment and I hope that by leaving the covers on a bit longer we have foiled most of the vine borers after they took out so many plants last year. The Squash bugs and Cucumber beetles are mostly in the Zucchini, so I’m feeling quite hopeful for a decent Squash harvest this Fall.

Speaking of Cucumber beetles, we also uncovered the cucumber plants that rely on insect pollination and I think we will have lots of Cucumbers soon. In fact we have already harvested some from the parthenocarpic varieties that can produce fruit even with the insect netting still in place, as they don’t need pollination.

Last by certainly not least, the big task for this week is to harvest the garlic! Fresh garlic needs to be harvested all at once and hung for three weeks so it can cure properly for storage. This will free up some garden space for our fall crops, but it will also be a big task to get it all dug and hung before the ground gets soaked again!

— Jenny

This week’s Share:
🏸 Summer Squash
👾 Kohlrabi
🍃 Lovely Lettuce Mix
🍆 Eggplant
🌱 Green Onions
🧄 Fresh Garlic
🥗 Salad Turnips
🍃 Assorted Greens Bunches
🪴 Herbs and Scapes

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