Awesome August

Tomatoes on the vine - Awesome August

Hello Farm Friends,

The rain just keeps coming and so do the cucumbers! If anyone has a favourite cucumber recipe they want to share I would love to hear it, despite donating a rather large load to the foodbank last week we are still up to our ears in them. Needless to say they will be in our shares this week and if you are coming to Dufferin Grove Market or the Market in the Village this week why not grab a few because who knows how long this bounty will last?

Also beautiful and bountiful this week are our Green Peppers, Eggplants and yes, Tomatoes! 

We are working on weeding and pruning the tomato jungle now in the hope we can get a little more light and airflow in there before the constant rain causes too much disease in our plants. Heirloom tomatoes are especially difficult to grow in wet weather as they are far more prone to cracking and disease. In my opinion though it’s worth the risk, as they are just so much more delicious than varieties that have been bred for durability and disease resistance only. Most years I put a handful of plants inside my greenhouse for a more controlled environment, of course this is the year I decided not to do that, oops, jokes on me! 

Tomatoes, however, are the only crop that has been easier to grow in the drought conditions of the past several years, everything else is just so happy for all this rain.

Our adventure with the weeds continues, but there’s lots of good coming out of the garden. New this week will be some big Bell Peppers and decent sized Fennel. I know Fennel can be controversial, so I will make sure we have lots of extras in our Swap Bin too. But if you are a fan of Fennel I will make sure I bring some to the Markets too.

CSA members will also be receiving the last of the Summer Cabbages before they start to explode in the field and I will harvest more Mustard and Mizuna which I somehow forgot to put out on the table last week, too many things rattling around my head I guess!


— Jenny

This Weeks’ Share:

ðŸĨ’ Cucumbers
🍅 Tomatoes
🍆 Eggplant
🧄 Garlic
ðŸŽĩ Beets
ðŸĨŽ Cabbage
🍃 Mustard/Mizuna
ðŸ”Ĩ Fennel
ðŸŦ‘ Green Peppers
ðŸŠī Herbs
and some ðŸŒķïļ Hot Peppers Too!

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