Many Hands

Searching for Potatoes 169 - Many Hands

Hello Farm friends,

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend, downpours and all. 

For a moment it seemed like our Market in Stirling on Friday might be washed out, but in the end we were able to set up and were happy to welcome some dedicated Market goers, if you were one of them, thank you, I’m not sure you know how much we appreciate your support. The Stirling Market in the Village is at the Train Station this year due to the construction and it seems as though many people haven’t found us at our new location yet. This is such a lovely little Market I would hate to see it close, if you agree, please help us spread the word that we are set-up every Friday afternoon 4-7pm and if you can bring a friend.

My call for weeding help last week was answered by our friend Barb, and when a friend helps out it is often the encouragement my kids need to join in too. All those extra hands meant we quickly made it through two very weedy beds of young crops and Sonora and I were able to finish off the third just before the skies opened again. Over the weekend I began to tackle some of the more tree sized weeds that are towering over our peppers. I was happy to discover that there are lots of good sized peppers hiding under there

Our potato plants are also towering so I dug one up and sure enough we have some lovely new potatoes ready for this week. We also have an embarrassment of cucumbers and a few giant zucchini I missed harvesting when I should have, if any of my CSA members are excited about zucchini bread, this is the week for it. We will also have some lovely green things for you all this week including Escarole, Mizuna and spicy Mustard greens.

If you aren’t in the CSA and can’t make it to the Market on Fridays don’t forget our online store is open for pick-up on Saturday Mornings too! 

— Jenny

This Week’s Share:

🥒 Cucumbers
🍅 Tomatoes
🥒 Zucchini
🐾 Beans
🥕 Carrots
🥔 New Potatoes
🥬 Escarole
🍃 Mustard Greens
🥬 Bok choi or Cabbage
🪴 Herbs

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