Eat Your (Beet) Greens!

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Hello Farm Friends,

Last week at the Market, one of my longtime customers mentioned that if anyone ever didn’t want their beet greens she would be happy to buy them. A few days later another friend asked if she could get a half bushel of beets for canning leaving me with a whole pile of beet greens! 

Although this won’t help out that market customer, I’m glad it happened in that order because instead of just composting the tops, I thought, maybe my CSA members want them!

Did you know that beet greens are more nutritious than beets and can be sauteed just like Swiss Chard or Kale? In my opinion, they are just as delicious and a little sweeter and more tender than either, with a nice Spinach-like texture. In fact some quick internet recipe searches and I found people using them for everything from pesto to curry to fritters and now I really need to expand my beet green horizons and try some new things!

Kale has been a conspicuous absentee on our table this Season and although I now finally have some on it’s way, it will still be a week or two before it’s big enough to harvest, so in the meantime I hope some of you will share my enthusiasm for all things beet greens.

On the weekend I decided to seed one final bed of ‘probably too late, but you never know with the weather these days’, greens and radishes. When I heard the rain falling early this morning I was pleased with my timing.

This week we will begin bringing all the squash and pumpkins out of the field, at this time of year there is always that fear of frost in the back of my mind and it is much easier to protect the squash if they are all in one spot. It looks like we will have a good haul this year, which I’m excited about, except maybe the hauling part!


This weeks share:

🏸 Squash or Pie Pumpkin
πŸ₯” Potatoes
🐾 Beans
πŸ… Tomatoes
πŸ«‘ Peppers
🌽 Sweet Corn
βΎ² Leeks
πŸ’ Cherry Tomatoes
πŸ† Eggplant or Cucumber
πŸƒ Beet Greens
πŸͺ΄ Herbs

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