Every Week is Garlic Week 🧄

garlic harvest 2022

Hello Farm Friends,

Did you know it’s Ontario Garlic Week this week? We will send a little extra home in our shares this week in celebration and be sure to bring lots to our Markets in Toronto and Stirling. If you are starting to think about planting, or just want a little extra to get you through cold, flu and vampire season, we have four varieties you can choose from on our website if you would like to pre-order and pick-up at any of our Markets or on the Farm.

I had a lovely Market yesterday in Picton, the weather was perfect and I got to try purple sticky corn prepared by Paper Kite Farm, which was a fun treat and may have sampled a wine or two from Traynor Vineyard who happened to be set up right beside me. I look forward to being back there at least one more time this Season.

Today the kids had a PD day and despite my encouragement to help me haul Squash from the field, not too much farming was done. Some parts of the Squash field are quite full of Canada Thistle, so I can hardly blame them for not wanting to wade into it! Thankfully the Squash are plentiful despite their prickly neighbours and they sure will look festive once we get them all out front to finish curing.

Sonora is working fewer hours now that Fall has arrived, but she will be here tomorrow to help me harvest. Hopefully we will have time to not only bring the Squash out of the field, but the rest of the onions too!

— Jenny

This Week’s Share:

🥬 Cabbage
🥔 Potatoes
🏸 Squash
🧅 Shallots
🧄 Garlic
🫑 Peppers
🍅 Tomatoes
🎵 Beets
🍃 Greens Choice
🪴 Herbs and Hot Peppers

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