The Summer Season Comes to an End — Spooky Indeed!

winter is coming - The Summer Season Comes to an End — Spooky Indeed!

Hello Farm Friends,

It will be our spookiest last CSA pick-up tomorrow so I will have the veggies ready by 2pm in case you want to avoid running into any wee ghouls or goblins that might be about in the evening. I will likely be heading out myself before the pick-up is through, so if I don’t see you in person, thank-you all so much for your encouragement and enthusiasm over these twenty weeks!

Sonora had to leave us a week early, so I will be doing a lonely final harvest for you tomorrow. Thank-you Sonora for all of your hard work and positive attitude despite the sometimes too hot, physically exhausting and almost always too buggy work. 

This week’s harvest will include a goody bag of crops that I started a bit too late or irrigated too little to make it into our earlier boxes. Tiny broccoli, lettuce and radicchio, kale, rutabaga and vivid choi pac choi to name a few

Better late (and tiny) than never I hope! I guess there’s always next year.

Despite a few misses, I think we had a pretty successful 2023 Season, and with the last of the garlic planted I’m ready to take a few days off. 

That said, I will open the online store back up next week and keep it open ’till we are out of veggies, so don’t forget to check it out once you start running low, because let’s be honest there’s nothing scarier than no local veggies.


This week’s share:

🌈 Rainbow carrots
🏸 Squash
🥔 Potatoes
🫑 Green Peppers
🧅 Onions
🧄 Garlic
🥬 Vivid Choi, Mustard, or Kale
🍃 Salad Mix
🎈 Rutabaga or Winter Radishes
🥦 Tiny Broccoli, Cauliflower, or Cabbage

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