Last Chance to be an Early Bird!

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Hello Farm Friends,

An extra day in February isn’t always cause for celebration, but it does mean you have one extra day to receive our early bird garlic incentive when you register for this year’s CSA season!

If you missed it in the last newsletter, that means that you can come collect a whole pound of garlic just for getting your deposit in before the end of February.

Many thanks to those of you who have already done so, everytime the sun shines I’m starting to be impatient to get some seeds in the ground for you already.

The packages of seeds have been steadily arriving in the mail so it won’t be long now. If we can be done with the extra frigid nights before I get my heat table up and running that would be okay with me. Either way the next time you hear from me, the first seeds will certainly be sown.

I’m also excited to try out the new-to-me flail mower I bought at the tail end of last season. 

Although it isn’t a very fancy piece of equipment, and not as pretty or quiet as a scythe, I think it will help me to up my cover cropping game, which in turn will help me build healthier soil and reduce my weed pressure all while sequestering more carbon. It will also help me to keep the edges of my garden and our pathway trimmed for easier maneuvering all round.

It has been a while since I’ve added any equipment to the farm and buying it really made me feel like a kid in a candy shop, it’s possible I should get out more!

— Jenny

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