Hello Farm Friends,

The next few weeks are definitely looking like Summertime and being that it’s July we have lots of hot season crops beginning to take over from our more cool soil loving friends like peas and lettuce. I’m still hoping I can get a few harvests out of the late planting of radishes I started, but that might be wishful thinking!

Last week Niamh weeded all of the Peppers and Beans which are coming along nicely and my friend Anna popped by for a working visit and helped me prune all of our field Tomatoes, we even got half of them trellised. 

The Tomatoes inside the hoophouse are already starting to ripen, in fact, I harvested a whole pint of Cherry Tomatoes for the Market on Friday so it won’t be long before we have enough for everyone. Comically, the hoophouse tomatoes are also only half trellised. I ran out of twine before I was finished and now it’s too hot to get in there ’till the evening when the mosquitos take over. Tying up five foot tomato plants is a bit challenging, but I will get them done eventually, hopefully before they are taller than I am!

Today we planted another two rows of potatoes for the Fall and will likely get the last row planted sometime this week. Our first planting of potatoes is already flowering. I know I’m not the only one who is looking forward to some New Potatoes.

Tomorrow and for our Markets this week I’m hoping to harvest some Arugula and Spicy Salad Mix before they bolt from the heat, along with any Radishes that are big enough to bunch, Napa Cabbage and Summer Squash/Zucchini that have recovered nicely from an early onslaught of beetles.

Oh, and Fresh Garlic is already coming out of the field, big, beautiful and so early.

— Jenny

This Weeks’ Share:
🥬 Napa Cabbage
🍃 Salad Mix (Spicy or Lettuce Mix)
🚀 Arugula
🎈 Radishes or Salad Turnips
🥒 Summer Squash/Zucchini
🥕 Rainbow Carrots or Beets
🍃 Bunch of Greens of your choice
🧄 Fresh Garlic
🌱 Garlic Scapes
🌿 Herbs

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