Minivans & the Heat of a Thousand Suns — CSA Week 5

HyulqU34jNGOLPlP - Minivans & the Heat of a Thousand Suns — CSA Week 5

Ernest Helping Harvest
The time has come to give our trusty Knuckle Mobile a break from cabbage hauling and buy a bigger vehicle. This week should be the last week we have to worry about cramming our produce into the minimum number of crates or secure coolers to the roof.

Although we know it has to be, the change is bittersweet. Oh Dodge Grande Caravan, will we learn to appreciate you the way we do our Subaru? I’m saving the cabbages for next week so we can give it a good first load!

When not out test driving vehicles, things are still busy on the farm. We are still slowly building our tomato trellis and getting our fall crops seeded. The weeds seem to be appearing from nowhere in this heat and we are far to droopy to keep up. But don’t worry the crops are looking big and healthy enough not to be drowned out.

Big Cuke

No red tomatoes yet, but we do have lots of summer squash for you this week and the cucumbers are right behind.



Leek Flower


This week’s line-up:
Romaine Lettuce
Baby Carrots
Collard Greens
Snow or Sugar Snap Peas
Spring Onions
Summer Squash

Vegetable Notes:

This is only the first week of zucchini, but this huffpo article may come in handy in a few weeks.




I spy tomatoesI spy hay