Already August — Knuckle Down News Week 8

JCoiOozrrwEARbyM - Already August — Knuckle Down News Week 8

Dramatis Helianthus

Much-needed rainfall and a some cooler weather were welcome on the farm this week. We’ve been spending most of our time catching up with the overgrown Lamb’s Quarters and Sow Thistle – weeds that are threatening to go to seed right now, adding to the future weed seed “bank” in the garden.

Stripey Tomatoes

Half-open Sunflower

We’ve also been trellising tomatoes again, and I have an update on the race to the first ripe tomato of the season. As it turns out, none of the new “extra-early” varieties  came out on top! Second place was a tie between a nice ultra-early yellow tomato called Taxi and Canebec Super,. a nice smallish pink-red tomato that was tasty on a burger. But in First Place (as in the first to turn) we had a delicious Russian variety – the big and rich Cosmonaut Volkov which I have grown for years. Sliced with buffalo mozzarella, basil and olive oil it was divine.  We’ll have enough for you soon!


This week’s line-up:
Swiss Chard
Summer Squash (Zucchini)
Peppers (maybe hot)
Purple Cabbage
Summer Leeks
Cilantro and Dill



Green Garden, Grey Skies