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KDF 1 Market - We're Hiring

UPDATE: We’re pleased to announce that this position has been filled.  Regardless, if you’d like to work with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



This was also posted here on FoodWork.ca.

Job Description

We’re looking for someone who can work three or four days per week from May ‘till October.  You’d work alongside myself during the season with tasks such as weeding, bed prep, transplanting, seeding, harvesting, CSA packing, market preparations and any other jobs that arise around the farm. This is the perfect position for someone who would like a little more experience before striking out on their own. We can also provide garden space and guidance for your own independent farming project, along with access to a local market, from which you’d keep all proceeds.


Desired Attributes

Ideally, we’re looking for an employee who has some previous experience with organic farming. Because this is a relatively small operation (most days it will only be the two of us), willingness to complete tasks even when left to work alone is crucial. A good work ethic, reliability, enjoyment of hard physical work in all kinds of weather, as well as an eye for detail are also important.

We have a room available for rent on the farm for but are also open to the option of having someone live off farm, or some combination of on and off.

We have a toddler on the farm so a sense of humour is also an asset!


About Knuckle Down Farm

Knuckle Down Farm is a small Organic Market Garden and CSA farm near the towns of Stirling and Frankford, Ontario. We have a bit more than an acre of land in vegetable production and a small flock of laying hens. The garden is planted intensively and most work is done using hand tools, but we do have a small walk-behind BCS tractor. We attend a Farmers’ Market in Toronto as well as running a twenty week CSA.

How to Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter outlining your interest and experience to Jenny Cook at:

[email protected]

Wages: Hourly, Minimum wage.

Benefits: Food from the farm, your own garden space

Duration: May till October


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KDF - 3 Field


KDF - 2 Lonesome Hand Tool


KDF 1 - Market


KDF - 5 Washing