January Smörgåsbord: CSA Registration is Open, a Farm Job is Available, a Veggie Affinity Survey Awaits You, & Chickens Like Garlic


Tentative Chickens


Seed Shopping

Welcome to the New Year and a new season at Knuckle Down Farm.

Winter has finally arrived here with a big snowfall. The garden is safely tucked in ’till Spring and the chickens aren’t sure how much free-ranging they want to do if the sun isn’t going to come out. The hens found a pile of garlic tops in our drive shed that were destined for the compost pile and built a nest for their eggs. Although it’s clearly superior to the nesting boxes we provided them in the chicken coop it does mean adventuring out in all that snow!

Ernest and I are still working on our seed order between living room renovations, holiday festivities and naps and somehow it is already the middle of January!

While the seed catalogs are still out I’d love to know what you wish you had more of or less of during the season. To that end I have put together this very brief survey for you to help with planning this year’s garden.


Smörgåsbord Quick Links:

* 2016 CSA Registration* We’re Hiring* Veggie Affinity Survey


In other news, Kate, who has helped keep the farm running these past two years (while I was sometimes distracted by things like Ernest) is moving on. We will miss her and wish her the best of luck with her own farm dreams!

That means that we are hiring, if you know anyone who might be interested tell them to be in touch. Here is a link to the job posting please share far and wide.

I am also considering offering a number of ‘working shares’ where members trade a few hours of work on the farm for a lower share price. If you are curious about this option let me know.

Cold Farm


Speaking of share prices, I will be raising them slightly this year (in keeping with inflation).

As added incentive to for you to sign up and pay in full early, I will charge the 2015 price ’till February 15th!

However, if You’d Rather Pay in Instalments, That’s Okay Too:



Farm PickupToronto Pickup
Small ShareRegular ShareSmall ShareRegular Share
Total Cost$365$610$405$650
Due Upon Registration$100$100$100$100
Due April 1st$135$255$155$275
Due June 1st$130$255$150$275

2016 CSA Registration is now officially open. You can signup online here, email me at [email protected], or phone 647-928-5253.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email. I am looking forward to another delicious growing season and hope you will join us again for 2016!


Ice Kale

Skipping down the vegetable row