May We Expect the Pleasure of your Company for the 2016 Growing Season?

Don’t let this blizzard fool you, Spring is around the corner and we’re getting ready. Little boxes of seeds have already started arriving, and the day dreaming — I mean planning — is in full swing.

As space is limited, especially in Toronto, I’d love to know if we can expect the pleasure of growing for you again this year.

Peter has kindly spruced up our registration form, so if you haven’t yet, please take a couple of seconds to fill it out and please don’t forget to send along some money too!

The registration form is here on  If you hate filling out forms, even short, pretty ones, just send me an email with your share size and location.

Pickup in Toronto

Jurassic CabbageBig Tomato

Stripey TomatoesCornucopia




The highly scientific survey results are in, and it looks like everyone wants more garlic and tomatoes, and fewer beets and turnips.  If you’re a beleaguered turnip aficionado, you can still stuff the ballot here.