Spring Update Time

BIRU WP 20160421T115450GMT 0400 - Spring Update Time

Quinte West / ON / Canada - 4/21/16A big spring welcome to all of our new members and welcome back to everyone else! Our Toronto shares are almost sold out and we are halfway there on the farm. I am a little late getting my payment reminder out this year, so thank you to those of you who sent along payment without any prompting. Anyone who hasn’t, this is your friendly reminder that both your deposit and first instalment are past due (numbers here).

This spring has felt a little like a roller coaster ride through three seasons, but in no particular order. It has been so dry that there are already fire bans in our area, and although that has allowed me to get an early start on cultivating and even planting a few hundred feet of early crops, I am hoping for a little more rain in May.

We have been busy over the past week planting more than one hundred trees and shrubs around the property as well as building tables for the greenhouse, which is quickly filling up with seedlings. Ernest enjoys helping me water every morning, although it is possible that the dandelions are getting as much attention as the broccoli.

Quinte West / ON / Canada - 4/21/16First Salad of the Season


The greenhouse is also full of early greens, so for those of you in Toronto, if you can’t wait for your Spicy Salad Mix fix, we will be at The Dufferin Grove Market as early as Thursday.

Many of you suggested that garlic was something, you would enjoy getting more of this season. I am happy to report that thus far it looks like a healthy crop poking through the mulch. I have also seen a few tiny Spinach plants germinating out in the field and the peas will be up in a day or two. Spring has truly sprung.

Quinte West / ON / Canada - 4/21/16Quinte West / ON / Canada - 4/21/16Quinte West / ON / Canada - 4/21/16